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Facebook and Amazon Store Integration
 Amazon Affiliate Stores For Real World Profits

FaceBook is continually evolving in an attempt to improve the user experience. With an Amazon Store, you’ll be engaging fans like never before, with more people, tagging, sharing & like posts from your fan pages with your affiliate link & they won’t even realize it! Your fans will be literally doing all the hard work for you. Creating an amazon affiliate store means you are putting products in front of 1.61 billion monthly users.

So you know that people buy from Amazon without a second thought… But did you know that Facebook is the absolute best social media platform to sell products on? Every year Facebook users are becoming more comfortable in socializing & buying directly from Facebook. With the ability to build highly targeted and specific ads it makes putting the right product in front of the right person easier than ever before.

Amazon reports that it had an absolutely huge year in 2015, smashing previous records and making over $107 BILLION in NET sales. Amazon is also claiming that sales jumped 20 Percent in 2015 on Cyber Monday, with online sales increasing by up to 20% on previous years and this also happened in 2016. Imagine what this will be like in 2017?

2017 will be the best and by far the easiest time make affiliate sales with the least amount of work as people are in buying and buying continuously from Amazon - repeat sales are a massive portion of Amazon’s sales.

These are Mobile Responsive Websites Beautifully optimized for mobile and devices, your website is ready for sales.

Imagine having an Amazon affiliate store set up & ready for sales at beginning of 2017 and finally turn your life around. Well you can have it!
  • No domains or SSL certificates, nothing to buy
  • Pick an individual subdomain for you new store
  • Facebook & Amazon compliant
  • Designed with Facebook & Amazon compliancy & TOS in mind
  • Automatic updater Never have the incorrect price displaying inside your store with the web based auto updater
  • Build a store in any niche Be instantly live inside Facebook
  • Get a standalone website with a unique subdomain name
  • Geo targeted Multi currency
  • 90 day amazon cookies
  • Mobile responsive websites
  • SEO optimized standalone sites
We will integrate a Amazon store into your Facebook pages (cannot be your personal page. Must be a business or Fan page) as well as provide you with a stand alone version of the store with a unique web address and you will never pay hosting fees.

You can have as many or as few categories and products in your store as you wish and as they pertain to your individual online niche.

We will need your Facebook login info, the page that you want the store integrated into, your Amazon ID and API Secret Key code.

If you need help obtaining your Amazon Affiliate membership or the required information please contact us below.    

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Compare Packages
Set up and integrate your store into your Facebook page. You will also have a standalone store.
  • $30  Basic Standard Premium Description Up to 3 categories / 30 products
  • $50 Up to 5 categories / 50 products
  • $100 Up to 10 categories / 200 products  

For set-up on multiple pages please contact us and we'll put together a special package just for you!

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