How To Set Up and Operate Your Business Online

Planning is very important! 

Flexible Pricing and Payment Plans!

What if you could get a package for new entries to the world of online business that includes a responsive web site that shows perfectly on desktop, tablet and phone and is also fully integrated with custom social media pages and a custom business app or desktop application?

What if you could even send out push notices and control what a visitor sees based on their number of visits when they come to your web site? What if it really is affordable? What would this mean for you and your business?

It would mean that all you need to do is market to your audience where ever they might be!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         While we do offer managed services, clients will have their own dashboards in the cloud for editing and managing their properties on their own and we have training available here online at no additional cost.

Business Services and Solutions

Bembry Business Online is here for you more than ever! The Professional services offered here cover every aspect of building and operating a business online. Whether you have an existing business online or are a start-up, we'll help you to find success online with state of the art technology and the latest in accepted practices related to creating and maintaining your presence online. 

We’ll work side by side with you with total transparency regarding all activities on your behalf.

The main orientation of Bembry Business Online is in showing others how to get started with setting up an online business with an emphasis on affordable web and graphic design  services, in addition to custom app development, social media marketing and or community management , Microsoft Cloud Solutions and more!

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·         We will evaluate your goals and make recommendations

·         We will explain in detail, the “how’s and why’s”

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    Bembry Web Design Services
    With the majority of people searching for things from mobile devices, being mobile friendly is not an option but a requirement.
    When you walk into a store, you can normally tell within a few seconds whether or not you’re likely to make a purchase. The store’s layout, the helpfulness of the staff and the overall shopping experience are all important factors in turning visitors into customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             We believe the same holds true for your website. It’s often the first place potential customers interact with your business, so we always strive to create that all-important great first impression.
    Responsive, Mobile Ready Design Services. See what your site could look like with a simple makeover! We can import your information from your existing site or build you an entirely new site

    social media

    Ask about our specialized social media integration and marketing services.

    Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - LinkedIn - YouTube - G+ and more! 

     Social Media Marketing

    ·         We will establish your presence across all major social media networks

    ·         We will develop and design your needed graphics and ads   

    ·         Social Community Management

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    FaceBook and Amazon Store Integration

    Now, we're taking you to another level!

    NEW! Facebook Pages and Amazon Store Integration

    If you have a Facebook page that you're promoting then why wouldn't you want to offer your visitors the chance for great deals from the no.1 retailer on the internet?

    You could have a fully stocked Amazon store, inside Facebook as well as a standalone mobile optimized and search engine optimized website. All ready to tap into 196 social sharing platforms.

    Contact us today to learn just how quickly you could be making additional income from the worlds largest retailer. Set-up starts at as little as $50!

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    Bembry Business Online is here to show you how to get started with developing and setting up your online business and then building your brand with an emphasis on affordable #web...

    What's New

    Mobile devices  are becoming the preferred  device for more and more users and as such, we've shifted our primary focus to responsive web site design and mobile apps development.

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